Expertly crafted marketing with a proper strategic partner

We’ll work together to discover your brand's true purpose, crafting your approach to ensure it speaks about the right thing to the right people.

Strategically crafted impact

There’s no point in just throwing marketing out there and hoping it will stick. Instead, I will work with you to discover your brand's true purpose, crafting your approach to ensure it speaks about the right thing to the right people.

Outsourced CMO

As an outsourced CMO, I will help you build your marketing team, assess skill gaps, develop and coach existing team members, evaluate agency support, and deliver on your growth plans.I work with growing companies that need to establish a marketing team or have hired an in-house marketer or small team that requires support.By partnering with me, directors and owners can have peace of mind and more time to focus on other areas of the business, knowing that their marketing needs are in safe hands.I also help manage relationships with existing agencies and provide cost-effective solutions compared to hiring a full-time CMO or senior marketer.This is done on a monthly flexible basis and can be from two days a month.

  • Strategy and marketing plan setting

  • KPI setting

  • Team Management

  • In-housing. Help with job descriptions, interviews and structure

  • Monitor performance

  • Mentor and train staff

Social with a purpose

I specialise in social media, focussing on project-based work rather than retainers. My approach to social media is purposeful, meaning I aim to create content with a clear goal. I don't do social by numbers. If there is no strategy or means of amplification, it's not worth doing.

  • Organic and paid social media audits

  • Organic and paid social media strategy

  • KPI setting

  • Copywriting, content creation and video production

  • Content planning

  • Live event support

  • Experience in covering live events on social media. From marketing conferences to global sports events


I offer guest lecturing services and training. I have worked with Sheffield University, teaching lecturers how to build businesses from their research using social media strategy. With 12 years of experience across the entire marketing spectrum, I have worked in various sectors, including finance, sport, renewables, and charity.

Cutting through the noise

This website is all I, I and I. But who am I? This guy. I go by the name of Tom Scott. Although sometimes that gets turned into Tim, Scott and even once a letter addressed to Scott Scott!I started Little Mesters in 2020, inspired by the story of the industrial Little Mesters in Sheffield. They were famed for being experts in their craft. Based in little workshops along the city’s streets, they created a reputation for the city being the best in their industry. If you’d asked any of them about marketing strategy, they’d likely have asked you to leave.However, I wanted to take this approach and work with true experts across marketing and deliver industry-leading results flexibly and cost-effectively.I've been working in Digital Marketing for well over a decade. I have grown teams, managed talented colleagues and executed countless content strategies effectively. I've won personal awards, business awards and project awards. Little Mesters was named Sheffield Start-Up of The Year in 2023.I understand agencies and business from top to bottom. I've worked closely on web projects, app builds, content strategies, email campaigns, PR, Influencers and more.Working with sports clients, blue chips, start-ups and B2B clients. My sweet spot is in people-centric businesses, helping to build experiences and service-led clients.


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